Gift Giving: 3 Ways To Make It Easier On A Tight Budget Table Of Contents

If only the holiday season is as perfect as our gift of a Savior sent from heaven! Although this time of year is full of wonder and beauty, it can be equally challenging and stressful.

I was curious about what causes others the most tension during this time of year, so I asked on social media, “What brings you the most stress during the holidays?” 

Most answered the following: 

Budget Challenges


Lack of Time

Family Demands

This week, we will discuss managing the holidays when facing budget challenges. Then, in the coming weeks, I will provide ways to help with grief, lack of time, and family demands.

There is much pressure during the holidays to buy the best gift for those we love, but unfortunately, the burden doesn’t lessen just because the bank account does.

I completely understand, and want to help you make it the best Christmas Holiday, despite perceived lack. What can one do when facing money woes? 

Plan Ahead

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is hectic at best. However, taking a few minutes and evaluating your budget will give you a better idea of what you have available to share. 

To help you plan this holiday season, a few of my writer friends have fantastic tips and resources to help you through the season.


Katie Scott from “Chasing Vibrance” shares helpful tips in her post,  “Holiday Stress: A Survival Guide” READ HERE. 


Christine Wood from “Living With Margins” shares planning tips in per post, How to Plan Your Best Christmas Ever”, READ HERE

Be Honest and Know It’s Okay.

It is painful when you want to give out of a generous heart, but unfortunately, your budget may be tighter than usual. However, it is okay to be honest, according to your reality, and if need be, let those on your list know that this year may look a little different.

Feeling guilty or ashamed for not being able to give can overshadow the blessing of togetherness. I am sure those who love you will want your presence more than the presents you can provide.

Rachel Baker from “Merciful Mornings” shares the beauty in “Being Intentionally Present”…READ HERE

Give yourself grace, friend, and ignore the expectations attempting to steal your joy. 

Get Creative With Your Gifts

Being generous can mean meeting someone’s needs without spending much money. Look at those on your list, find an area of need, and offer your time and help that can make their life easier.

An example of just a few:

For parents of children on your list, you can give them the gift of babysitting so they can have a night out. For the elderly, you can offer your time to go shopping, help clean their home, or do yard work.


I’ve put together a FREE PRINTABLE of “Christmas Gift Coupons” for you to use. You have two designs to choose from HERE. 

Also, you can write a blessing and prayer over your family members, as creating something timeless far exceeds what money can buy. Anything written from your heart is a priceless treasure to keep for many years to come.

I’ve created a FREE PRINTABLE of “Blessing/Prayer Stationary for you to use..HERE

I hope our time together today is helpful, and I want to pray over you before go for this week.  

Heavenly Father,

First, thank you for this time of year when we celebrate the greatest gift of all, the birth of your Son, Jesus. Also, thank you for my dear friend reading today.


Lord, out of your grace and love, give them peace as they look at the reality of their finances. Give them simple and budget-friendly ideas as they seek creative ways to bless their loved ones. Provide in ways only you can.



Despite pressing expectations, may they turn to you and surrender their stress in exchange for feeling your presence in the middle of it all.

You are faithful, and for that I’m grateful

In Jesus’ Name,

Cara Blondo has a beautiful Christmas reflection reading plan“The Message of the Manger” on You Version HERE.

For more inspirational reading this Christmas season, check out these beautifully written posts by another writer friend,  Keri Lynn Willis.

If you would like to know more about having a relationship God, our Heavenly Father, GO HERE 

I’m Praying For You, 

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