"You Are Loved" Collection (Review)

The “You Are Loved” Gift Set is a beautiful way to explore and set to memory the loving promises of God. 

In reality, we often read and forget precisely what God’s word says over us. 

Because of this, when the review offer came, I was jumping at the chance so I can share it with you!

The artwork and coordinating color on the scripture affirmation card set and journal cover make me want to dig in even more. Look how pretty! 

Beautiful floral images set the background for the 4×4 Scripture Card Set, featuring affirmations and scriptures from God’s Word for each week of the year.  

You are Loved

Take a LOOK inside the “You Are Loved” Collection. 

In the scripture journal, on the left page, you’ll find the affirmation word and scripture reference. 

In addition, space to write the focus bible verse is in the middle. 

Also, on the right page, there is a place to journal reflections and prayers.  


You are Loved

There is MORE to the “You Are Loved” Collection.

The idea is to use the scripture card as a reminder of God’s promises.

Therefore, placing the cards on a bathroom mirror, car dash, or work desk is a great way to keep them in eyesight. 

I love God’s word but sometimes do not know where to begin. Especially if I am not doing a specific bible study. When I don’t know where to start, I’m at risk of not starting. 

As a result, this is a beautiful way to fill in the gaps.

You are Loved
You are Loved
You are Loved

Taking moments out of our busy lives to sit with God’s word will refresh us like nothing else, and using the “You Are Loved” Collection can begin a new journey of discovery. 

Also, it is a GREAT gift idea!

Since I love this so much,  there is exciting news!! 

During April and May 2023, you can have 30% off your “You Are Loved” gift set purchase. 

To purchase, go HERE, and at checkout, use the code BLOG30 for your discount.

I pray many blessings as you find the beauty of God’s promises for your life! 

Much Love In Christ, 

*In addition, when following the link, you will find “You Are Loved” Boxed Card Set which features twelve cards with four different uplifting messages on elegant, floral backgrounds. 


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